I dunno. I get a sort Che Guevara vibe from this sticker.
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You Know What This Sign Needs?

Absurdity! That's what!

This is What I Mean by Staring Too Long

When you're bored, you tend to make the fun up...

Blog Rebooting!

I've got my DSi, and I've gone crazy over it. Now that I can take pictures with it, edit the pics freely, and transfer them via sd card, things might be getting a little faster here. More random pictures, and introducing the DSi category of pictures. What will they be like? Here's my faucet, but after I've drawn on it with my DSi


This is gonna be awesome!


Do You Know Bleach, the Mange/Anime?

"Impossible! It should take at least 10 years to master bankai!"

Retarded Parking

The only thing running through my mind during these pictures was, "Do these people think they're better then me or something?"

They're either retarded or royalty, and I don't know any royalty vacationing in Westminster or Long Beach.

By the way, inspiration was courtesy of iparklikeanidiot.com.

Sorry about the long hiatus, but nothing's really jumped out at me. These are actually almost a year old!