Take that juice!

Soooo... my 7up is healthier to drink then ever before? Fuck yeah!

The Magic of Rain Ponchos

That guy in the top picture? Looks like he's trying to "pound the rock."

Little kids in the bottom? Looks like they've never been in rain before until now. Where are they? Death Valley?

Official Treat of the Olympics

You know, I always thought Michael Phelps endorsed something else.

"Shit! Our Cover's Blown!"

So what happens when Goldfinger or Oddjob happens to be shopping at my local Walgreens, and they spot this? Mr. Bond will find out his adversaries are upgrading their tech when they see this.

Ok, so a Girl, a President, and King Leonidas Are in a Bar...

First of all, this was in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. Second of all, this was a piece of paper with random graffiti scrawled over it taped onto a door. Thirdly, is W. Bush saying what the fuck with King Leonidas?

Objects May Appear Farther Away Than Normal

I guess he thought since he didn't have a parking block, he could pretend the curb was one. Really, it's just plain ugly parking work man.

I'll Take Both Spots, Just in Case

In his rush to buy his important pharmacuticals, he thought, "Well, I have no time to think about parking. My fucking nose is running!"

Does the Life Ring WANT to Save You?

Congratulations. Five seconds that could've been used to save someone have been wasted on trying to understand why the life ring is staring back at you.

Yes, I'm sure about banning your bikes and boards

I find it weird that positively is added onto the sign. For what? Impact? Sureness? Covering all your bases?

"Stan, what's that?"
"Why it's my bike. I rode to work today!"